Trading with Raman Gill Part 6

In this video you can learn how to use Pivot Points.

One of the first trades you looked at was a Double Top trade. This trade is the opposite of it. Today you can have a look at a double bottom trade pattern.

In the next video you can learn about an Inefficient Market Move.

In the following video we will have a look at a trade set-up which is based on volume. We will be using tick volume to break down this trade set up and look at how we can set up this trade to generate profits.

Today we are talking again about a good trade set-up: Pivot Points. We had one of these last week and the more you can look at them, the better you will do in live market conditions.

You have heard the phrases "Trend is your friend" and "Trade the trend" and that is exactly what we will going to show you how to do. We will take a look at how to look for trends in trading and use that knowledge to make profits.

What happens if the markets aren not trending? Today we will have a look at a range bound market and see where we can get the most profits.