Trading with Raman Gill Part 7

Last time we looked at a range bound market but what happens if the price breaks out of this range and either moves up or down? In this video Raman Gill will show you with examples how you can manage this scenario with the most profits.

Gaps normally happen if the financial market opens on Sundays. They can happen for a lot of reasons like government statements or market sentiment and they cause the market to move very fast. We will analyze a trade like this and Raman will show you how you can take advantage and use it to generate profits.

You do not trade in a vacuum. All the different markets are interrelated. In this video Raman will show you a trade based on a currency which is positively correlated.

Welcome back to Episode 013! In this episode Raman will show you another Pinbar Trade Strategy.

In the next video Raman is going to show you a Pivot Point trade set up and you can practice how to take this trade profitably, so you can replicate it under live market conditions.

Inefficient moves can happen if the liquidity dries up from the market and we see the price move in one direction very quickly.

This time we are kicking things off with a backtest of the level trade. Raman thinks that you will enjoy this one and can not wait to show you where to enter this trade, where to put your stop loss and most importantly, where to exit with profits.