Questrade Refer a friend - Share the wealth

Fast execution. Great service. Low fees. Isn’t that something you want to share? Refer a friend to Questrade and your friend will reap the rewards of joining a great brokerage and you, well, you’ll reap cash rewards.


What you receive:

  • The more friends you refer the bigger the reward. Every time you refer a friend to open a professionally-managed or online trading account, you will get paid $25 directly in your account. With every third referral we’ll give you a $50 bonus.


What your friends receive:

  • if they open an online trading account: Depending on the amount of money they deposit, they unlock their own cash bonus. If they deposit $1,000 initially then fund more afterwards, no problem, they’ll have 90 days to reach the highest cash reward.
  • if they open a professionally-managed portfolio: Refer your friend and they’ll enjoy their first month of Portfolio IQ® (a service of Questrade Wealth Management Inc.) for free, once they fund their account with $1,000.