Binary Options Videos Part 4

Price Action Trading: Why Timing matters

It is important to time your entry right. If you just enter based on your lines and don't pay attention to the candlestick opening and closing prices, you will not get the best possible entries. Therefore, timing is as important as everything else. You should always analyze price first and only use indicators for confirmation and nothing else. In this case we only looked at Stochastic to see whether there was a convergence of oversold areas on the different timeframes or not. The divergence on the M30 was an additional signal besides the hourly candlestick time that helped to get a better entry.

Price Action Trading: How to trade using Target Lines

In this Live Webinar Okane explains how to take trades using trendlines and support and resistance lines. First, he identifies a pattern using trendlines and identifies potential targets towards which price intends to move. You will also see an example of a trade that expired just during the webinar, well in the money. Okane explains using price action analysis how he took that trade. He also explains two trades he took a day before using currency correlation together with his price action analysis.

How to Use: Traders Dynamic Index Strategy

The Traders' Dynamic Index Strategy is a complex of indicators consisting of: RSI, Moving Average, Bollinger Band and "Markets Band". All you need to do is to focus on the middle "B-band" line (the yellow line). If it is moving up, then wait for the RSI (green) to cross the red line from below. Then take a call option. If the yellow line is descending, (moving down) then wait fro the RSI (green) to move down and cross the red line from above. Enter a put option.If the RSI and Red line already are very near or crossed the upper/lower blune lines, then price might reverse so be you would preferably want to avoid those trades.

How to use The KDJ Stochastic Oscillator

KDJ Stochastic Oscillator is slightly different than the regular Stochastic Oscillator. This indicator consists of three line rather than the regular two line Stochastic. The J line in the KDJ Stochastic is the additional line which can signal either bullish or bearish market conditions and also the strength of a trend. In this video I show that the KDJ Oscillator is a lagging indicator but can work to your advantage if you apply price action analysis.

How To Use different Timeframes for setting Entries and Expiries

Trading Binary Options profitably depends on how well you pick entries and expiries. Using different timeframes, you must adapt your entries and expiries thereafter. In this video you can see two trades where one was taken based on the analysis on the one minute charts while the other one was based on the 15 minute charts. See the differences and the confirmations and use those techniques on your own charts.