Trading with Raman Gill

This is a really easy setup which uses simple support and resistance for entries but produces great results. You can use this Backtest of the Level trade setup and make profits.

This video shows you how you can simplify your trading and earn profits by trading simple support and resistance setups.

This is a simple, easy to implement trade setup which everybody can use to make money. You do not need any fancy indicators for this just easy concepts which you already know.

In the next video you can learn how to identify, execute and profit from this trade Setup which is based on price action and support and resistance.

This webinar is about the concepts of Market Profile and how you can use these concepts for trading. You will learn how to read the market direction and identify entries and exit using Market Profile.

In this video you will learn the five step process to start creating consistent profits from your trading. Most courses miss telling the traders this very essential process for setting themselves up for a profitable trading day.

In the following video you will learn how to use Double Top and Double Bottom reversal pattern trade strategies. These trade setups allow you to identify change in market direction and get into a trade in the direction which the price is likely to go.