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Fx Child's Play System: "A step by step explained trading system that is Extremly accurate, Highly profitable, very easy and very simple to Follow. Any one who has a pair of eyes that can see charts on the computer screen can trade this system. Simply a 10 year old child could understand, unlike other unnecessarily complicated systems which leave you lost and in the dark. Basically this system uses 3 EMAs and our custom made Fx Child's Play Indicator So, stop complicating your trading with numerous indicators which give random results and start simplifying your trading by using the indicator we all want... no junkies.."

Fx Delta: "FX Delta has been developed and is successfully used both by beginners and experienced traders. The user guide and accompanying video tutorials contain all the background information you should know about the strategy but are certainly not a must if you are not interested in in-depth learning. The system scans trends in long time-frames , while simultaneously looking for market corrections on short-timeframes. The software algorithm then pinpoints the ideal market entries – the exact places with the highest probability of trend continuation and minimal risk. The algorithm uses volume and momentum along with price action to accomplish the trend identification and is suitable for intra day trading as well as long term trading."

"Trading Axis is a turn key trading system for trading Binary Options designed for new and seasoned traders alike, it is taught thru multimedia forums that allow me to answer questions thru video  or old fashoned type.   The forums include over 2 hours of video tutorials that give you a step by step walk-through on how to set up the system, configure how many alerts you would like to receive, and how and when to place your trades with the Trading Axis System. Trades are taken through an innovative 2 part system. By using a 2 part system it allows you to monitor multiple charts easily."

THUNDER8 Forex Binary Options System: "Trade 1 minute bars with a “spark” trigger to roll ITM on your 5 minute binary options expiration binaries. This system was designed to trade in only 3 hours a day. You can trade more than that if you want, yes, but why? Just be consistent on that 3 hour period then it’s simply a game of money management from there. Avoid tiring your self out."

GSCALPER NADEX 20 Minute Binary Option Scalping Strategy: "No the G doesn’t stand for anything rap related but it does open your mind to a powerful secret of the market price matrix discovered long ago but not often mentioned because it’s mystery confuses people.  Well be confused no more!  I’ve made G super simple, practical and simple to use."

INFILTRATOR5 NADEX 5 Minute Binary Options System: "We’ve discovered a whole new world of price action actually, thanks to, NADEX and their 1 second price charts. There is an entire new ecosystem of price action going on behind the scenes and we’ve figured out how to take advantage of it. We can show you, teacher in the system. Actually you’ll get a powerful education on how to read Trends and chart patterns within the system. This will be a vital home study course that will teach you many things that you can apply through all of your trading."

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