Trading with Raman Gill Part 4

In this video, we will look at a trading strategy which is easy to trade but highly profitable. This is called a Pinbar Trading Strategy. We will look at where to enter the trade, where to place the stop loss and where to exit the trade.

In the next video, we will cover:
1. What are Pinbars?
2. A Pinbar trade strategy for profiting from the markets
3. Where to enter the trade, where to place your Stop Loss and Profit Target

In the following video Raman Gill shares a nice example of a trade Setup which is based on Pinbar Trading Strategy. In the video, She breaks down the steps that you need to follow to profit from this Pinbar Trading Strategy including where to enter and exit this trade.

Are you finally getting comfortable in your trading and are starting to see some profits but want to take it to the next level? Learn the steps which Raman Gill uses to 10X her performance.

If we look at successful people, they often have one thing in common: they have a set morning routine. A morning routine helps you get in the right mindset to cultivate success throughout your day. Raman Gill shows you her morning routine and shares some tips on how to get ready to trade profitably.

In this video, Raman Gill shares an easy trick for finding direction in the market. One of the Problems which most beginner traders (and many intermediate traders as well) face is how to find where the prices will go next. Raman Gill shares an easy way to identify what the market direction in the markets is and where the prices will go next. This easy trick will help you do better technical analysis, trade with the market trend and avoid costly mistakes.

The following video is about how to profit from Market Correlations and Inter-market relationships in trading. Raman Gill shares with you an easy yet highly effective trading strategy which is based on Market Correlations. In the Video she breaks down the exact steps that you need to follow to profit from this strategy. 
Learn an easy Trade Strategy which is based on Market correlations and use this strategy to make consistent profits from your trading.