How To Promote Binary Options Affiliate Programs

Let us have a look at how you can promote a Binary Options Affiliate Program or Binary Options Affiliate links from the beginning. 


We want to clarify that when you are a new in Binary Options Trading and when you do not know anything about it that will be a problem to promote affiliate programs. But is not a bif problem. But when you are a Trader for some time, that is a bonus point for you. But in case, when you are a newbie in Binary Options Trading, we will suggest you for visiting our main website to get the basic idea and learn about the basics of Binary Options Trading. So please visit the website when you need to learn Binary Options Trading at first.


So now we think that you are ready to be a successful Binary Options Affiliate marketer. Let us start now. We will write it down step by step:


Before you start: sell the benefits


If testing your existing traffic or creating new traffic streams, you should remember what matters to your audience. Most of potential traders want:

  • Investment options with no hidden fees. Binary Options are much more transparent than many alternative investments, where brokers etc. eat the traders' profits with various fees and clauses buried in their Terms and conditions.
  • to know, before accepting a trade, what to expect from their investment: timeframe, potential loss and profits. Binary Options can offer all of these.
  • to feel safe. The major Binary Options websites are licensed by Cysec or at least have a high-profile that forces them to honor their commitments.

Testing your existing traffic


When you already have traffic sources, you can proceed as follow.


1) Forex Trading: the conversion into instant options - one hour or less - traders is not high. Forex traders are quite sophisticated and informed, so they tend to base their decisions on analyzing fundamentals and technical aspects of a given asset. Because of these reasons they generally prefer to hold assets for one day or more, unless their analysis tells them to sell promptly or in case there are arbitrage opportunities.

However Binary Options which are traded for one day up to one week can be a valuable instrument for Forex traders, to hedge their actual positions, so they can take advantage of short-term movements without selling their longer term investments.


2) Gaming: gaming traffic converts well with Binary Options. Instant Options which are lasting one hour or less can attract people with high-propensity to risk. Binary Options lasting longer tend to attract traders who understand the financial markets but they do not want to spend much of their time digging financial data and trends, see Binary Options as a fast, transparent and intuitive way to take advantage of the market short-term movements, without buying traditional assets. They are aware that, in these tough financial times, with high-volatility and uncertainties, it is easier to assess fees for Binary Options, than for other investment options.

Creating new traffic sources


1) Post-Penguin content plus SEO: Google Penguin is a Google algorithm which was launched in April 2012, shaking established SEO-practices and link-building techniques. To attract Binary Options Traders you can leverage:

  • A relevant domain name: it should contain Binary Options keywords, plus the ccTLD which you are focusing with your content (com,, it, etc.).

  • On site optimization: You should build content for people, and not only for search-engines. Google is increasingly mimicking natural reading patterns, and not only plain-vanilla fuzzy logic algorithms. Reviews of Binary Options platforms and brokers are a possibility to start. You can also create a "Binary Options" guide, dedicating one page to each key term.

  • Off site optimization: You should create non-reciprocal links from selected Websites that are in your niche and in relevant sections of general content websites. Do not build incoming links from unrelated websites, even when they have high Google PR, which is often identified by Google as link spamming.

  • Web PR: they do not necessarily get your coverage in off-line media. However they are a good source of trustworthy incoming links. Google is aware that news spread fast, so if a press-release is spreading fast on blogs etc., this sudden spike in incoming-links is usually not considered suspicious.

  • Guest-posting, plus relevant forum and communities.

2) Brokers' comparison sites: on your Homepage you can create a simple chart where you list brokers' names, served markets, languages, offers, etc. And then you create a detailed description which you post on a specific page, one page per broker.


3) PPC, Social Media and apps: You should be where potential traders already are. The days of "build it, and they will come" are long gone. So you should mix your existing assets with new ones and put third-parties tools to work for you. Again, A/B testing is a must. You should compare which Binary Options brokers convert better, in terms of traders and overall affiliate commission.


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