Trading with Raman Gill Part 3

Here you can find three examples of Pivot Point trade setups. In this video you will learn about the technical setup on how to trade Pivot Points as well as the entry and exits for the trades.

This is a great example of a Pivot Point trade. This trade went over 160 pips that would give you a nice $1600 profit in your pocket. Not bad for a few minutes work.
In this video you can see what makes this a high probability setup and how you can trade such a setup if you see it on your charts in the future.

In this video you will learn how to identify an inefficient move, how to trade the inefficient price move effectively, where to enter and exit the trade and where to put your stop loss and take profit targets.

In the following video you can learn about short term vs. long term trading and the benefits and setbacks of each.

During this training video you wil:
1. Learn how to identify Momentum and Directional Bias.
2. Learn a Simple Pivot Point Trading Strategy to earn more profits from your trading.
3. Learn how to properly implement this strategy to become a Consistently Profitable Trader.
Learn the step which MOST traders miss if learning new setups and how you can use this one step to cut your learning curve in HALF.
4. This FREE training will boost your trading confidence and help you to find trading opportunities which you can capitalize on.

Mistakes are inevitable. The things do not always go as planned and it is important to acknowledge the mistakes which you have made and learn from them. In this episode you will learn about some recent mistakes that many new traders have made and how you can learn and move on from them.

In this video we look at how to trade the market gaps and inefficient moves. We will do technical Analysis by using current Charts and we will look at how to identify a market gap and how to trade it successfully. You will also learn at where to enter a trade, where the profit target should be and where to place your stop loss.