The Geek Simple Moving Average - Price Action Based System

This system uses a 30 period Exponential Moving Average and price action to set support or resistance targets and for trend confirmation. It is simple like the name suggests: It uses only one indicator. It was created by "The Geek" who is a well known author and trader.

How does this system work?
You simply insert a 30 period EMA on your charts and that is all you need as far as indicators go.
However you need some experience drawing support and resistance lines if you want to pick the best entries and expiries.

Step 1: Identify the trend on the DAILY timeframe.
To do that you have to to confirm that the price has closed either above or below the 30 period EMA. This can be difficult but once you get the hang of setting S/R lines it becomes easier.

Step 2: Once the trend is confirmed you have to place a line on your DAILY Charts which is the next strong support or resistance line. Obviously it depends on whether the trend is bearish or bullish.

Step 3. After your trend is confirmed and your targets are placed on the DAILY timeframe. Move on to the 30 minute timeframe. This M30 is used for getting our entries and finding out which expiries to choose. It is explained how to calculate the expiry based on previous candlestick movements (highs/lows) in the video.

Signals: Price on the M30 will reach the 30 period EMA and if DAILY was confirmed Bearish you look to take put options on lower highs which touch the EMA 30.
If the trend was confirmed bullish on the DAILY charts, then you look to take call options on higher lows which bounce off of the EMA 30 on the M30 timeframe.