Binary Options Basics Vol. 2 - How do I invest?

To invest, you must choose between “CALL” or “PUT” options for a given underlying asset. After clicking on the CALL/PUT button, enter the amount of the investment and approve the execution.

What is the amount of Investment?

The amount of Investment is the amount of funds you commit to the transaction. In a successful trade the payout is based on this amount and in an unsuccessful trade this is the most you can lose. (Some brokers pay back up to 15% on unsuccessful trades). For good financial management it is advised not to place more than 5% of your capital on any individual trade.

What level of payout can I expect?

Payouts vary from broker to broker, but in general, traders can expect to generate returns of 65% to 85% for binary options that end up in the money. Some brokers have payouts up to 95% for Standard Options and up to 500% for One Touch Options.

What are the advantages of trading Binary Options?

Binary Options have many advantages including:

  • Predefined Payout – the returns are known in advance
  • Limited Risk - You can not lose more than you invested
  • High Returns – It is possible to earn returns of up to 95% on Standard Options and 500% on One Touch Options
  • Fast Returns – many brokers now offer 60 second trades together with 15 minute and hourly trades so fast profits can be earned on trending markets
  • Novice Trader Friendly – Binary Options Trading is easy for new traders to understand and most platforms are highly user friendly. Simply pick an asset, make your prediction and choose how much to invest
  • Wide Range of Popular Assets – including the main Indices, Currencies, Stocks and Commodities

How do I deposit and withdraw?

Most brokers allow deposits and withdrawals via a variety of methods including Credit & Debit cards, Moneybookers & other eWallets and Wire Transfers from and to your bank account.