Trading with Raman Gill Part 5

During the following Training video you will:
1. Learn what are Market Correlations?
2. Understand how Inter-Market Correlations impact trading.
4. Learn how commodities and bond yields Impact your trading and how to trade effectively and manage your exposure.
5. Learn how to profit from Inter-market Correlations and become a successful trader.
6. Learn the relationship between oil and CAD.
4. Understand market correlation between Gold, AUD and US Dollar.

Trading trends with Heiken Ashi bars.
During this training you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the Heikin-Ashi technique.
  • Learn how to use Heikin-Ashi bars to eliminate the price noise and stay with the trend.
  • Learn how to properly implement this strategy to become a consistently and profitable trader.
  • Learn the step that a lot of traders miss if learning new setups and how you can use this one step to cut your learning curve in HALF.

In this video Raman Gill shares with you her Go-To trade setup. This is one of her most effective and profitable chart patterns - Double Top and Double Bottoms. This is a great trade setup to identify market reversals. In the Video she breaks down the exact steps which you need to follow to profit from this strategy.

In the next webinar we will talk about How to Find Market Direction with Daily Candlesticks. During this video you will learn how to use Daily Candlesticks in your technical analysis to determine the Market Direction. Once you know where the market is headed, it is easier for you to take profitable trades.
A lot of people consider that only swing traders need to look at daily candlesticks. However we will look at how day traders can use the power of daily candlesticks in day trading and make it a part of their market analysis. You will also learn how to properly implement this strategy and make MONEY.
Once you know what direction a pair is likely to move, the rest becomes easy. Raman Gill likes to share a really simple way to predict market direction and how to use this to improve your trading results.

The following show is all about creating excellence through deliberate practice and analysis through 10,000 trade set-ups. Raman Gill will be sharing 5 trade set-ups a week and breaking them down for you to help you understand how to take them profitably in live market conditions.

In the next video Raman Gill is breaking down one of her bread and butter trades, a double top trade pattern.

In the following video we will have a look at a Pinbar Trade Strategy and break it down.