A comparison between Binary Options Strategies and Forex Strategies

We all want to make Money and the most of us can agree about that. The problem is that today’s culture of instant satisfaction that is magnified with the Web and social media people do not have the patience which they require to make serious money. Binary Trading is not different: If you want to make money you need for sure a Binary Options strategy.


So if you ever have traded Binary Options you must think about the question how can such an industry require a strategy and what is a Binary Options strategy?


The truth is that Binary trading is different than other markets such as Forex in different ways but when it comes to a Binary Options strategy you can have a look to the Forex market for some instruction.


The basic principles which represents a good Forex strategy can and should also be applied to a Binary Options strategy. Here are some examples:


- Risk vs. Reward: When trading Binary Options you need to decide how much capital you are able to risk losing. If you need that money to feed your family or your creed is too big to make fast money then it is not the right thing for you. You need to sit down and figure out what you can afford to lose. Always have a trading plan and a reasonable money management in mind!


- Demo: Just like in Forex practice makes your trading better. You need to familiarize yourself with the Binary trading platform and after enough time you can try trading with real money.


- No Emotion: You need to constantly fight the urge to overcompensate for losses or ride the wave of success for too long when trading Binary Options. This is a basic principle for every Binary Options strategy.


- Limits: Always know your limits and do not pass them even by a small margin. Once you let yourself go it is a precarious situation. Define your limitations and stick to them no matter what.


- Getting out on time: Finally Binary trading just like Forex is not for everyone and every day is not going to be your best day. If you see yourself falling stop trading. Tomorrow is another day and you should always reserve the option to reach the truthful and sometimes painful conclusion that Binary Options trading is not for you. That is also a part of a Binary Options strategy.